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22/04/2019Easter Holidays
29/04/2019Bags to Scouts
07/05/2019Leaflet DropScouts will be meeting in the car park of the Harvest Mouse Public house. Waist up uniform waterproof if its raining. Collection will be at the hut.
13/05/2019Geocaching Prep
15/05/2019Air rifle shooting see event invite
22/05/2019Wide GamesScouts will be meeting at Royden Park on the edge of the main field. We will be joining 6th Heswall for a joint troop night of wide games. Scouts will need to wear either waist up uniform or if the weather is humid they may wear a Scout branded t-shirt with their knecker. Please wear training shoes suitable for running.
27/05/2019Half Term
03/06/2019GeocachingScouts will be meeting at the Toby Carvery ph car park Arrowe Park for 19:00. Scouts will need to come prepared for a hike with a rucksack with all their equipment. Please wear waist up uniform or a scout branded T-Shirt with Knecker. Collection is again Toby Carvery approx 21:00 Any queries please let us know
10/06/2019GeocachingScouts are meeting at HQ normal times
17/06/2019Backwoods CookingPlease make sure Scouts are wearing boots to take part in Axe & Saw wood chopping
24/06/201930 Parks in 2 hours!Did you know wirral has 30 parks! Scouts will be set the challenge of visiting as many parks as they can in 2 hours. As a troop they will navigate the quickest route to each park by car. Please be prompt for 19:15 and collection is at the hut for 21:15
01/07/2019Soapbox Cart Over 2 troop meetings Scouts will be making their own Soapbox Cart and completing their mechanics activity badge. This is a really hands on fun and creative task for the Scouts. They will learn basic workings on a car for it’s MOT and also the mechanics behind steering and basic breaking. We will need parents to help the Scouts complete the Soapbox if your handy with spanner or have a flair with a paintbrush please let us know!
08/07/2019Soapbox Cart
15/07/2019Sandcastle Competition & BBQAs our last troop night of the Summer we will be meeting at Thurstaston Country Park for an inter troop Sandcastle Competition and bbq.

Start dateEventsExtra details
27/09/2019Beavan Challenge 2019
19/02/2020EuroDisney 2020

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