Great Expectations

Hope you are having a great year!

Hope is important in helping to take us forward through life to live exciting and adventurous lives.

St Georges Day this year is a chance to dress up and show off. It gives us a chance to demonstrate the hope we have in the future.

The parade is at West Kirby on Sunday, Hope to see you there with Great Expectations of a sunny day.


Duty to God

Scouting is about developing the whole person. Scouting has a spritual dimension which asks all members how they relate to God. This doesn’t mean that we require strict observance of any particular religious ideals, but does allow groups to have their own religious associations.

3rd Heswall was founded by members of the catholic community in Heswall. We maintain links to both the church in Heswall and to the one in Pensby.

In the coming months we have church parade on Mother’s day and then there is the district St Georges Day Parade.

These are chances to work towards challenges, the promise challenge and Chief Scout’s Challengemain-bearblank