Evolution 2014, west wirral gang show

The West Wirral gang show is on 27th-29th March at the Gladstone Theatre Port Sunlight get your tickets on monday.

The show features a scout leader and scout from 3rd Heswall alongside scouts guides cubs, beavers brownies and leaders. We are presenting songs sketches and some vintage comedy.

If you enjoy a good night out you’ll love the gang show.


Wanted 3 Gangs of Desperados

The wild west was wild because there was little in the way of law and order.

The Sheriff was elected by his township, and upheld the law under the jurisdiction of the travelling judges.

Three wanted posters describe the desperate gangs and their crimes.

Luckily they were caught and shot by firing squad after the shoot out at the OK coral.

not Jessie J

Orienteering quiz questions were answered effectively by the three patrols.475px-Jesse_James_dime_novelbillythekid