Great Expectations

Hope you are having a great year!

Hope is important in helping to take us forward through life to live exciting and adventurous lives.

St Georges Day this year is a chance to dress up and show off. It gives us a chance to demonstrate the hope we have in the future.

The parade is at West Kirby on Sunday, Hope to see you there with Great Expectations of a sunny day.


Mothering Sunday Church Parade

The tradition of the visit to the mother church continues.

Before mass Sophie and Niamh made their promise, Billy was presented with his Chief Scouts Gold Award.

Cubs Scouts and Beavers, all learned about the prodigal son.

After mass the whole group lined up as a guard of honour to the parish, who stayed out of the snow inside drinking tea. Daffs were handed out to mothers.

Finally lots of photos were taken of the whole group.

If anyone has one please send it in so it can be put on our site.