Parents, Helpers, Leaders

Why should the children get all the fun and adventure?

Scouts is not an activity for 1 hour a week. Scouting is a family adventure at 3rd Heswall we welcome the whole family not just the young person. A Beaver Scout is just discovering the world, a Young Leader or Explorer Scout are ready to take on the world. This happens through the support of their family, and as Scouts we support that.

There are roles for every family member, most common is taxi driver! as you drop off your child for meetings. Thank you for doing that. Parents also end up with the job of supporting young people with getting ready to go; is it easier to encourage a Beaver Scout or an Explorer?

If you are able to give some time, we have a group council, and Group Executive committee which helps the GSL to run the group,and importantly for us the building. Anyone can help and we dont like to turn away any offers. If you have a skill or ability that you can share please let us know. There is almost always a way that we can involve you.

As well as the organisation and the building the leaders are the key to supporting developing and ecouraging the young people. They use the Scout method, and programme to shape the experience. There is always room for more occasional helpers, section assistants and assistant leaders. Details of training offered and requirements for these roles area available on

We are here to enjoy ourselves supporting the scouts cubs and beavers as they grow and develop whilst we all have a great time.

Young leaders are supported by the District team to learn how to work with young people. The rest of us support each other to learn how to do this better. There is a development programme run by the scout association.