Scout Spaghetti Structures

Jelly babies were just the glue holding them together when the two towers were constructed. Three teams competed, but the wolves were the eventual winners with a well built structure of elegant proportions.

Next week is half term, then we start to move through spring and into summer.

Panto’s gone crackers

Or so they say, oh no they don’t oh yes they do.

When a spell is cast Buttons (Jenson ‘stig’ Buttons esq) crashes the bus taking the tired out panto stars away for a well earned rest, they stumble into an adventure which involves ghosts and henchmen and evil witches, and hopefully the magic scroll with all the answers, but which one?

The scouts joined in with the heckling in an attempt to raise the roof of Westbourne Hall West Kirby.  They enjoyed the show, the refreshments and the trinkets available from the foyer.  Mr Platt failed to win the raffle despite little competition.

Our cub leader, scout leader and GSL were all busy back stage with the cast; directing, stage managing and hairdressing busily to ensure the smooth running of the show.

Safety First for Cubs

Cubs have been making badges and passing on secret messages.

They have been acting out safety messages to each other, using the internet and games safely, and being aware of their environment.

The pack can get across the hut without touching the floor.