Safety First for Cubs

Cubs have been making badges and passing on secret messages.

They have been acting out safety messages to each other, using the internet and games safely, and being aware of their environment.

The pack can get across the hut without touching the floor.

Hello World

Welcome to Third Heswall

Welcome to our website. Welcome to Scouting.

Third Heswall has our own scout hut.

We welcome scouts from any background and community, girls and boys.

If you want Fun and Adventure, Scouting is for you.

We have Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts too, and our older Scouts go to the District Explorer unit.

Our Group Kneckerchief is White and Gold, reflecting our catholic heritage. We recognise that diverstiy is valuable in building a better society.

If you are older there are The Scout Network, The Scout Fellowship, and lots of other roles.

There is fun and adventure for adult leaders and helpers.cropped-dsc_01961