Beavers Programme updated

10/09/2018Games Night
17/09/2018design a book cover and make a bookmarkBring in your favourite book.
24/09/2018global issuesDiscuss charities decide on 1 to fundraise for Make a water filter. Fairtrade food Bean to Bar story
01/10/2018Plan a fundraiser. make a water filterMake a water filter Discuss water Aid Posters jobs
08/10/2018A visit to pensby LibraryWalk to library Continuation of Book Reader badge.
15/10/2018Personal Challenge
22/10/2018Half Term
29/10/2018Halloween activities. Air activitiesDesign and make airplane flying competition Talk about flying Discuss and draw your own plane.
05/11/2018Bonfire Night
11/11/2018Rememberance SundayChurch Parade at Holy Family Church Pensby Rd. Meet at 9.15 in full uniform.
12/11/2018air activities
17/11/2018Christmas Craft Day
19/11/2018cooks Badge
26/11/2018Share your achievements
03/12/2018Christmas Craft
10/12/2018Delivering Post
17/12/2018Christmas Party

Start dateEventsExtra details
17/11/2018Craft Day
02/12/2018Carol Concert and party

Come back another time, look again it may change!

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Family Activity day

20150629_203156Thanks to everyone who came to the activity day.  It was a great celebration of the work that all the young people have achieved over the last year.

Thanks to our distinguished guests, the District Commissioner, and his predecessor, Canon Stephens , and the assistant district Commissioner for Scouts.

The weather was great and that made it all so much easier to manage.  

Congratulations to those who received badges, and awards, as well as those who took part in the Baseball,  Quiz and catapults. 

Especial thanks must go to Therese and Louise for their work in organising things. 


Wild West Weekend

The Wild West is coming to a corral near you.

Third Heswall is looking for pioneering souls to prospect out in the west.

Native americans, and peoples from the melting pot of the world will be sleeping under canvas and having a ‘cook out’

Adventurous activities and social gatherings abound .

Ask for information at your Scout  Group HQ and look out for posters.475px-Jesse_James_dime_novel