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If you want Fun and Adventure, Scouting is for you.

Beaver Scouts have fun and adventure.

Beaver Scouts are girls and boys between 6 and 8. Below there are some of the things we will be getting up to and some we have done recently.

Parents can contact us through this website or through any of the leaders. You might see us out and about at church parade, or visits. We are able to pass on your details to other groups if we are unable to take your child. (There’s only so much space to squeeze them into ).

Scouting is a family adventure and we often get parents along as helpers and assistants. All adults involved have DBS checks and are able to have training and support from a wide network.

If you are older there are Cub Scouts or Scouts. If you are older still there are Explorer Scouts, The Scout Network, The Scout Fellowship, and lots of other roles.There is fun and adventure for adult leaders and helpers.


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