Cub Programme from OSM

18/01/2018code of conduct/personnel challenege
20/01/2018Football Training
25/01/2018Home Safety
01/02/2018Home Safety
08/02/2018Home Safety
15/02/2018Street Dance
22/02/2018Half Term
01/03/2018Finishing food & Home Safety
08/03/2018Reducing Energy
11/03/2018Mothers Day Parade
15/03/2018I Love Wirral Litter Pickcubs jjksajjsjdlaj
22/03/2018Renewable Energy
28/03/2018Grey Bin Trail

Start dateEventsExtra details
11/03/2018Mothers Day Parade
28/03/2018Grey Bin Trail
20/04/2018April Camp

Come back another time, look again it may change!

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